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Centrifugal Casting Large Copper Alloy Sleeve And Bush For Metallurgical Machinery

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Copper sleeve for metallurgical machinery is famous for its multi-function.Copper sleeve castings are widely used in different applications, such as pipeline fixing device, propellers, bushing and bearing sleeves, due to copper alloy is easily cast and has a long history of successful use, can be obtained from large amounts of sources and get a series of physical and mechanical properties, and are easily machined, brazed, welded and polished.

Copper bushings act the role in the machine is to reduce friction, reduce vibration, anti-corrosion, reduce noise, easy maintenance, simplify the structure and manufacturing process. In the moving parts, it will make parts wear due to long-term friction , then adopt the copper bushings to reduce friction at this time. If the copper sleeve is worn, only need to change the copper bushing, thereby saving the cost of replacing the shaft or seat.

The physical and mechanical properties to cast copper alloy sleeve for metallurgical machinery as below:

1.low friction and wear rates, such as high tin-bronzes, cast into sleeve bearings and show the lower wear rate than steel;

2.good casting,because all copper alloys casting can be sand cast,others can be centrifugal, continuous, permanent mold and die casting;

3.good machinability, due to leaded copper alloys are free-cutting at high processing speeds, many lead-free alloys, such as nickel-aluminum bronze, can be properly machined at recommended feeds and process speeds.


1.easy to process due to good surface is easy to get high tolerance control. Furthermore, many copper alloy castings are polished to a high gloss, and plating, soldering, brazing and welding are performed;

2.large alloys are chosen due to several alloys may be applicable to any given application depending on the design loads and corrosion of the environment;

3.comparable costs to other metals since their high yield, low machining costs and little requirement for surface coatings, such as paint. 

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