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Copper Sleeve With Centrifugal Casting For Mechanical Press

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Copper sleeve, also known as copper bushing,is divided into many kinds, including machine copper roller, copper bearings and so on.It is an important mechanical component for all kinds of light industry, large and heavy machinery.The casting has the function of traditional tin bronze bearing,electrolytic copper as raw material with a variety of trace metal elements, sintered at high temperature and processed by centrifugal casting through air pressure. High hardness, excellent wear resistance, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in atmosphere and fresh water.

In the absence of lubricant and water quality lubricant conditions, good sliding and self-lubricating performance, easy cutting, good corrosion resistance of dilute sulfuric acid. General use of structural castings, such as sleeves, bushings, bearings, sliders,etc easy design castings for ships, instruments, etc.

Wear resistant castings, such as connecting rods, bushings, bearings, gears, worm gear,etc can be used to work under high load and high sliding speed, especially corrosive to dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids. Structural materials, corrosion resistant, acid resistant parts and crusher bushings,bearing bush.Vehicle bearings, bimetallic bearing of internal combustion engine with load peak up to 100Mpa, and piston pin sets, friction plate,etc.Advantage:

1. Good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, good cutting performance.

2. Excellent lubricant performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and suitable for bimetallic casting materials.

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