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Copper alloy rings ,floating oil distribution rings for Wind power equipment gearbox

Shandong Zhengxiang industrial and mining equipment Co., Ltd. customized the production of oil seal, floating oil distribution ring and copper ring of speed-up gearbox of wind power equipment. It also produces copper tile, copper sliding plate, copper worm gear, copper nut, self-lubricating bearing and other products. Welcome to the drawing for processing.
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Shandong Zhengxiang Industrial and Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd can customize produce oil seals for wind and electrical speed gearboxes,oil floating distribution ring and copper ring.And also produce copper half bearing bushes,copper sliding plates,copper worm gears,copper screws and self-lubricating bearings and so on.Welcome to graphic customization.

Gearbox is an important mechanical part in wind turbine generator system.It transfers the power which wind wheel produced by wind action to the generator and makes it get the corresponding speed.

The system usually installed in the tuyeres of the high mountains, wilderness,beaches and islands.Due to the strong noises environment and inconvenient transportation, it is very difficult to repair. So the reliability and service life of the accessories including the oil seal and floating oil distribution ring, are much higher than the ordinary machinery.

Our company always specializes in producing, researching and developing the copper rings of the gear boxes in the wind power equipment.Through our continuous technological innovation and development, now our products have the following advantages: the high reliability,the high bearing capacity and the high cost performance.Our company produced the floating distribution oil rings ,seal rings,copper rings can be applied to the various gearboxes of wind power equipment,for example:1.5MW1.65MW2MW2.5MW2.75MW3MW3.5MW4MW5MW6MW7MW and so on.  

The main material is Tin bronze 10-1(ZCuSn10P1) of the speed gearbox oil seal,floating distribution oil ring and bronze ring.Tin bronze alloy castings(ZCuSn10P1) can used to work in the high load (20MPa) and high sliding speed(8m/s) environment ,which as the wear resistance parts,for examples:connecting rod ,sleeves,bearing bushes,gears,worm gears and so on.

It has the following advantages:

chemical composition

Cu the rest

 Sn 9.011.5







ZCuSn10Pb1 casting tin bronze


 Si ≤0.02(impurity)

 Sb ≤0.05(impurity)

 S ≤0.05(impurity)

notestotal impurities≤0.75

Mechanical properties of tin bronze 10-1:

Tensile Strengthσb (MPa)≥360 

Yield strengthσ (MPa)≥170(reference value)

Elongationδ5 (%)≥6  

Hardness≥885HB*Or about 90HB 

Our company have some professional machines (spectrometer,CMM) to test the chemical  composition and size, so we can guarantee the quality perfectly.And we also can produce the kinds of high quality copper bushings and rings .Welcome all friends to our company to visit.

The High hardness 2.the Excellent wear resistance3.Not easy to seize 4.the Good casting performance 5.the Good cutting performance 6.the Good corrosion resistance

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