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Copper bushings

Shandong Zhengxiang industrial and mining equipment Co., Ltd. custom produces copper sets of various specifications and models. The product materials include copper base alloy materials such as tin bronze, aluminum bronze, high-strength brass, lead bronze and brass. Welcome to customize the production.
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Copper bushings usually are used to be reduced the wear,corrosion and noise in the production .It also makes the machine easily to repair, and simplifies the complex production process.To use the copper bushings can reduce the friction of parts,avoid to wear. Usually we just need to change the copper bushings if the parts wear,that can save the cost.  

The copper bushings are working under sliding friction situation,belongs to sliding bearing category.  Generally need to cooperate with lubrication system to complete the work. The sliding bearing works smoothly,reliably and noiselessly.After the liquid lubricating,the sliding surfaces are separated and avoid contacting directly.The surface will form the oil film,which has the advantages of vibration absorption, lubrication, heat dissipation, friction reduction and life extension. That will reduce the friction loss and the surfaces wear.  

characteristics of the copper bushings:

Wear resistance --- Overall,the wear resistance of copper bushing is better.Different material has different characteristics.The inner parts of the copper bushing are very closer and no pores , sand holes.So the color of the copper bushing is special ,and it looks bright relatively.And the most important thing is the hardness of copper bushing is also very high.

Corrosion resistance --- The corrosion resistance of copper bushing is very well. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and freshwater environment,where can not easy to seize.Copper bushing has the chemical elements of dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids, so the corrosion resistance of copper bushing is very good. If there is no lubricant and water, it can still work normally. And the sliding and self-lubricating can still be maintained.

Pressure resistance ---The pressure resistance of the copper sleeve is also pretty good. Its surface pressure is very large, and it can well withstand the lateral pressure of the bearing.In the case of high load pressure, the copper bushing can also be operated, which is suitable for the low speed and heavy load situation .

Copper sleeve processing technology : sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting, precision casting, pressure casting, vacuum casting

main materials and brands:

Tin bronze6-6-35-5-510-110-210-5

Aluminum bronze9-410-39-4-4-210-3-0.5

Lead bronze15-820-5,10-10,17-4-4

Aluminum brass35-2-2-1,26-4-3-3,25-6-3

Manganese brass40-3-1


packages : wooden box , by express

Shandong Zhengxiang Industrial and Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of the copper bushings and bearing parts,which located in Qufu,shandong.The hometown of the Confucius--- the great philosopher,educator and creator of Confucianism,where with a ascendant geographical location and convenient transportation.With the many years of professional experience,our products are sold at home and abroad,and the customers give us praise repeatedly . Welcome the customers from all over the world to visit and negotiate the business.

Our company is equipped with advanced machining equipment.For example, XK2014 CNC planer milling , VDL-850A vertical machining center, CK6180E-1500mm CNC machine , planer milling machine, CA6163A lathe, CW62125 lathe, CW6163A common lathe, CKD6150A CNC CA6063, CA61100 and other large equipment and 6150 CNC  , 6140 CNC, 6140, 6136, 6520, all kinds of milling machine planer, CNC sawing machine, hobbing machine, press, MNC-B1 CNC line cutting machine and other machining equipment, to provide professional metal processing technology. 

Our company have some professional machines to test the chemical composition and size.For example,the EDX2600H spectrometer,the Tornado NCA121510 CMM, the complete set of chemical analysis equipment,the metal flaw detector,the hardness tester, and the universal testing machine.So we can guarantee the quality perfectly.And we also can produce the kinds of high quality copper bushings and rings .Welcome all friends to our company to visit.

Copper bushings
Copper bushings manufacturer
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