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Centrifugal Casting Copper Bushings And Sleeves For Jaw And Cone Crusher In Mining Machinery

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Non-ferrous metal casting, including copper alloy castings .The main material is C95400,C95500,C969000 and products are mainly for mining machinery. Copper sleeve plays the role of bearing, belonging to the sliding bearing type and work under the sliding friction.The relative axis is rotating, generally need to assist the lubrication system work. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliable, no noise. In the liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contacting, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear.


Centrifugal casting or rotary casting is a casting technique commonly used for casting thin-walled cylinders. Used for casting metal, glass,concrete and other materials.Unlike most other casting techniques, centrifugal casting is primarily used to make standard-sized blanks for further processing.


The centrifugal casting process uses a mold which is fixed to a motor on an axis to rotate it at high speeds. The speed of rotation depends on the metal to be cast and the shape required. This method is mainly used for the production of cylindrical components. As the motor rotates, the metal gets pushed towards the outer walls of the cast and solidifies.


1. The metal type that centrifugal casting selects is the important part in centrifugal casting machine.

2. The temperature and speed of pouring depends on the alloy type, the wall thickness,complexity, cooling conditions and rotating speed of castings.

3. Copper castings can also be availed in various sizes, designs and other related specifications.And can be used for high-speeding parts such as Eans,turbines,etc.

If you are interested in our Copper bush and sleeve with centrifugal casting for jaw and cone crusher in mining machinery, please be free to buy the quality products made in China from our factory. As one of the largest, professional, experienced and specialized manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you the best customized service.

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