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Cast Copper Alloy Brass Nut By Centrifugal Casting For Aerospace Machinery

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Brass nut alloy castings are widely used in aviation and aerospace machinery.The casting property of copper alloy can increase casting capacity with lower cost. Copper alloy castings can  compete successfully with stainless steel and nickel based alloys due to they are difficult to cast and process. The initial metal cost of copper may be higher than that of carbon steel, but when the cost is counteracted by the additional working life of copper and the high value of totally recovered casting, the life cycle cost of copper casting is very competitive.

To pour the slagging agent and liquid metal into a mold for slag utilization in order to overcome the defects by centrifugal casting solidification. The slag covers the inner surface to prevent heat loss. From the inside to the outside, resulting in solidification, eliminating the subcutaneous contraction cavity. In the meantime, slagging agent can refine metal effect. 

Almost all of the castings need further processing after cleaning. Mechanical processing is the most common secondary operation. Welding usually involves repairing minor defects or connecting several castings into larger assemblies. All of these steps help to complete the cost of the project. Therefore, the machinability and efficiency of alloys affect their economic viability.

Casting process design. Use appropriate drawings to describe product design, pattern, and molding layout. drawings will show the consensus of designers, metallurgy scientists, wooden manufacturers and casting workers. All participants shall confirm the drawing’s design before production begins.

Pattern can be supplied by customer or foundry factory.Whatever the layout, the foundry shall negotiate the type, material, layout, etc.

The mold generally depends on the quality requirements of the product, the type of alloy and the number of castings. Any particular requirements or limitations of the casting method shall be dealt with the designer and understood by the casting workers before they manufacture.

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